Work and Play Family Garden

The garden had obviously been designed at some stage but the sharp edges and hard landscaping made it completely unusable for a family with two young children. There was also a lot of unused parking space to the rear of the property, which we all felt could be put to better use.

The clients had a lot of requirements for a fairly small space so thorough planning was essential to get everything to flow. The modern garden office helped to form part of the rear boundary with the rest being extended into the parking area to make the vegetable garden.

Smooth porcelain paved pathways enable the children to ride their trikes, with the same paving being used on the patio dining area. An area of lawn provides more space for play including a sunken trampoline surrounded by hardy grasses to help it blend into the space.

The planting is in a bold palette of purples, green and white, with some orange to complement the copper tones in the paving. It features various grasses, Kniphofia, Salvias, Geums and Irises, as well as other herbaceous perennials and bulbs to bring colour and interest throughout the year, and to attract to wildlife.