Little Bentley Show Garden, 2019

This garden was designed to address the need for a change in our gardening habits across the East-Anglia region to cope with future changes in temperature and rainfall. Taking inspiration from Islamic gardens a strong geometric layout was softened with substantial areas of drought-tolerant plants. As gardens get increasingly smaller it is crucial that they offer good views from the house throughout the year. Brightly coloured features brighten up winter days, and ornamental grasses provide winter structure. A raised patio area surrounded by Jasmine is a relaxing evening retreat, while drought tolerant meadow turf provides a wildlife friendly alternative to lawn.

Top tips to future-proof your garden

  • Try to turn at least some of your lawn over to an alternative to traditional grass. Meadowmat wildflower turf is available for sunny and shady areas, while Chamomile and Thyme are good choices for a sunny spot.
  • Try to conserve water by installing water butts, and mulching beds with bark, gravel or organic matter.
  • Use suitable plants that will cope with drier conditions.
  • With changing temperatures the flowering time of plants may be affected and may not coincide with the associate pollinator. Plant a diverse variety of pollinator friendly native and non-native plants with different flowering times.

More information can be found in the RHS report ‘Gardening in a Changing Climate’ 2017