How is your garden looking in January?

January, 2024

So here we are in the second week of January and I think we can safely say hello to 2024.
Personally I find the later months of the year quite difficult so I am delighted on New Year’s Day with the promise of spring around the corner, but I am aware that many people find January tough to get through. Understandably. It’s cold, dark, and often raining. However, on the flip side the days are getting longer every day, and a sunny, winter’s day has a very unique beauty. Signs of spring are emerging everywhere with bulb shoots pushing through the ground and flower buds starting to form on shrubs and trees giving us a tantalising glimpse of the riot of colour and fragrance that will be with us in a few months.
While looking forward to the next season, this is also the perfect time to take stock of your garden now and make plans for next winter. Is your outdoor space looking bare? Is there a lack of structure from the absence of shrubs and ornamental grasses? Could you add some winter flowering shrubs or other perennials? Maybe some decorative screens or large colourful planters could lift your spirits on a dull day. It is all too easy to wish these months away and find ourselves in the same position next year so wrap up warm, get outside, take some photos and make some notes. If you feel that you would like some professional advice on bringing more life into your garden for the winter, please get in touch to arrange a consultation.
Pictured are just some of the things that I’m enjoying in my garden right now including Euphorbia foliage, Hellebore buds, dried Sedum heads, Viburnum blossom, emerging bulb foliage, and, rather bizarrely, a Knautia ‘Red Knight’ flower that appeared before Christmas.