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The Garden Consultation service is an opportunity to discuss your garden ideas with a design professional without committing to the full garden design service. This option is often very useful for new homeowners faced with either a blank canvas, or previous owner’s garden, and no idea where to start.

Maybe you need some help identifying the plants in your garden and advice on how to care for them, or ideas for the best materials to use in your space. This service is tailored to your requirements, and can include a written element if required. Please note that no plans or drawings are provided but can be commissioned as a separate service after the meeting.

The consultation meeting will take place in your garden but can be offered remotely if required. The meeting length and content will be dependent on the size of your garden and requirements, but can include the following: 

  • Discussion of your style and planting likes and dislikes.
  • Looking at how you wish to use the space, and any layout ideas.
  • Discussion of maintenance requirements.
  • Identifying any problem areas in the garden; e.g. very damp, dry, or shady areas.
  • Identifying any areas to be concealed or revealed.
  • Collection of soil sample(s) for testing after the meeting (if a written element is required).

If you require a follow up report, this will incur an additional fee and will vary depending your requirements, but can include the following:

  • Soil ph and structure.
  • Suggestions on soil improvement.
  • A list and images of recommended plants suitable for the site.
  • Suggestion of border(s) size and shape
  • Suggestions for hard landscaping, or other required products.

Fees are dependent on location and work required but start at £200.00 for a meeting only. 

Please  get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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