First planting of the year for new designs

May, 2024

It was great to be outside last week planting up some of my designs . The clients in this Lavenham property wanted to transform their tiny front garden, which had become quite overgrown, and establish a soft boundary on this surprisingly busy corner. 

We couldn’t part with this gorgeous Cotinus but will keep it hard pruned. It has provided some colour inspiration for the new scheme which is a combination of tough grasses, small shrubs, and herbaceous perennials to cope with this sunny exposed site. It doesn’t look much now, but as previous posts show, a lot can happen in a few months!

The clients in this new build Sudbury property wanted to transform their blank canvas into a space brimming with life, colour, and interest throughout the year.

I designed several curved beds to break up the hard lines, as well as a raised bed around the patio with immersive planting. 

The first photo shows an area with a focus on winter and spring interest in orange, red, and green. With a black clad garden building as a backdrop, the Cornus ‘Midwinter Fire’ will really pop.

I can’t wait to return to both gardens at some point to see how they are developing.