Co-Housing Planting Scheme

Cannock Mill is a Co-housing development in Colchester, Essex. Among the beautifully landscaped grounds are terraced planting areas at the rear of the properties, allowing residents to have individual spaces to garden, and some autonomy over the views from their houses. As there are no barriers between these areas, there is a wonderful morphing of the different planting styles, allowing for some fantastic borrowed views. 

The clients have a double plot and wanted a scheme that would provide them with some structure and interest throughout the year, as well as space to grow a small amount of fruit.

As this isn’t the easiest space in which to garden, the design includes a strong backbone of ornamental grasses, foliage plants, and perennials with a long season of interest to provide much-needed groundcover. Attracting wildlife was high on the brief so spring bulbs from early Crocus to later Allium provide nectar for pollinators, followed by perennials such as Nepeta and Helenium, and seedheads from Phlomis provide food for birds later in the year.