A Wildlife Haven

The clients are keen plantspeople and wanted a redesign of their front garden to embrace their love of plants, and provide food and shelter for pollinators and other visiting wildlife. The current hard landscaping and structure of the garden was to remain unchanged, and it was important that the design was in keeping with their 17th century listed property.

We created a radial design to link the different areas of the garden, with various curved planting borders branching out from central beds of wildflower turf. These are edged with Corten steel, providing a strong contrast to the loose planting.

A huge palette of plants has been selected including various types of ornamental grasses for structure, as well as a range of perennials in contrasting shapes and colours to provide benefit to wildlife and beauty from spring until autumn.

Spring bulbs planted en masse in the central areas create an impressive display while the meadow is cut back, and a second type of meadow stays in situ over the winter months so the birds can enjoy the seedheads.

The scheme has already produced a stunning display in its first few seasons.